Operations Services

Delivering next-generation business outcomes


You can also choose to off-load, or “out-task” your entire IT infrastructure or various aspects of the day-to-day management responsibilities, with the flexibility of adding services quickly as and when needed. Winz delivers the broadest, deepest breadth of business and IT services capabilities.

We go beyond the traditional value proposition of reduced operational costs and balance sheet improvement to a higher value, strategic proposition. This includes optimizing and automating business process infrastructures, front-office transformation and improving decision making to streamline operations through more-effective data integration and insight from analytics. Winz helps clients undertake major transformational initiatives through several alternative models that include managing the transformation process, providing industry experience-based strategy, application development, systems integration and infrastructure management. You can leverage Winz’s broad range of cloud solutions to accelerate deployment and deliver focused improvement.

Service Management

We help clients improve management of IT environment by using multi-skills, professional knowledge, process, tools, without the clients incurring large investment in IT infrastructure facilities and skills development.

We support clients’ day-to-day IT administrative operations such as data and backup management and batch job execution. By enhancing process, clients can be benefit greater discipline in the development process.

Operation management solutions enable speedy identification of the problem flow and change flow, and management of the entire enterprise in a more systematic way.

Support Centre

Our support centre acts as a centralized technical and client first line on problems, change requests and advisory through telephone and emails. We provide round-the-clock services on service assurance, system support and recovery, problem management and reporting, change management and reporting and service level management.