Network Services

End-to-end management into server and network infrastructure


Winz Network Services can enable greater visibility, control and utilization of grid assets with solutions that help establish foundational communications capabilities, including security and network management to support the long-term evolution of the grid.

This is an end-to-end suite of services—for the enterprise network, wide-area network, substation local-area network and field-area network—to help you implement utility-wide voice and data communications networks. Depending on your requirements, you can choose a few of the many services that we offer, or you can implement all of them as an end-to-end solution.

Our services are designed to help you:

  • Develop a communications strategy to support your smart-grid transformation
  • Consolidate communications networks to help reduce costs and manage current and future smart grid needs
  • Connect substations, feeders, and intelligent devices throughout the distribution system
  • Manage and monitor networks to help improve performance
  • Address the latest cyber threats and better manage compliance requirements

With our services, utilities can develop a robust communications strategy to support smart-grid transformation. To support cost savings, we consolidate multiple communication networks and connect substations, feeders and intelligent devices across our distribution system. Further, we help utilities optimize their performance by providing extensive management and monitoring services.

Network Management

We provide design, integration and management services for, secure, resilient high performance and cost-effective network infrastructures.

WiFi Management

Assists in defining strategy, plan and design, and in implementing wireless solution integrated with clients’ environment.

Telephony Management

We help you design, implement and manage communications environments that integrate voice, video and data enabling unified communications and collaboration.