Cloud & Data Centre Services

We provide the foundation for agility, innovation, and growth.


Winz can help you to strategize how to use cloud to drive not just savings, but revenue and growth. And the expertise to define the optimal way to integrate cloud into your business. The Winz Cloud experts and services build and run your private or hybrid cloud, new apps that foster deeper insights and analytics in the cloud. We have organized services by role of Biz, Dev, and Ops that address the needs of buyers looking to tap into cloud resources easily and quickly:


A one-stop shop of line-of-business applications across enterprise functions from HR to marketing to finance that business and IT Professionals can access, test, and purchase SaaS solutions securely.


Flexible and secure open standards based application development environment where developers can quickly and easily build enterprise applications via APIs and cloud services on major Cloud providers’ platform.


Globally available, highly configurable and trusted set of cloud infrastructure services that enables enterprise IT teams to quickly deploy and scale IaaS capabilities from major Cloud provides’ platform which includes self-service and fully managed services to run both test and production ready workloads; and do it all with confidence.

Third-Party Hosting Services

We are providing hosting managed services in the city today. The provision of hosting services level ensures the best high-performance to meet all aspects of our clients’ e-business operations.

DC Design & Build & Maintenance

We help clients to design and build data centres, while providing operational transfer and maintenance services.

Cloud Management

Through the successful adoption of cloud computing technology, we can help our clients to achieve a complicated task across IT management and business practices. Our well management from moving business applications and infrastructure from on-premise to Cloud, data migration, change of workflow or ongoing management of cloud services allow to maximize our clients’ investment return.