Business Driven Solutions

Bespoke technology solutions for your business


Nowadays, enterprises’ IT face challenges like

  • Technology led monitoring with less business insights
  • Instance replication with multi vendor tools (Multiple disjoined tools with less integration)
  • No topology modelling (single pane of glass)
  • Lack of flexible value added event aggregator
  • Lack of governance dashboard and effective reporting
  • Missing out of the box automation

Winz’s Business Driven Solutions address the challenges by providing solutions characteristics with

  • Business value dashboards
  • Automation
  • Operational analytics
  • As-a-service
  • User experience
  • DevOps (faster infrastructure release cycles)

Consequently, our solutions can benefit our clients on high availability of business services, extensive automation of services delivered, end to end management, user experience management, business service management and as-a-service model.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Enterprise IT needs to respond the fast-paced dynamic business environment. Drawing on a rich selection of emerging and established technologies, we are capable to customize the solutions based on client’s specific business needs.

Digital Solutions

Enterprises are increasingly incorporating mobility into their business strategies. Winz offers mobile application solutions tailored to iOS and Android operating systems, running on reliable and secure server platform or Cloud environment. The solutions involve stages from scale planning, design, implementation until ongoing operation across application and infrastructure area.